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Another lake
A quiet tree by a lake
Occasionally I like to go on walks and take landscape photos…

Hello everyone! I go by “PC” (it’s an old nickname from school); welcome to my tiny corner of the Internet! My preferred pronouns are “he/him”. I’ve been into anime and manga for as long as I can remember, and maybe around 10 years ago I picked up cosplay photography as a hobby.

Being largely self-taught the learning curve has been rather steep. However it has also been an incredibly rewarding journey: I’ve been fortunate to meet and collaborate with wonderful friends to create works that I’m truly proud of. Part of the motivation to start this blog is to share and take note of what I’ve learnt so far, and also to write longer thoughts and ramblings that don’t seem to fit within the limited spaces of social media.

Some posts I’m hoping to write include: thoughts on photography and anime, book and equipment reviews, tutorials, and of course, photos! If there are other topics that you’d find interesting, do let me know!

Anyways feel free to leave a comment here, or reach out to me on Instagram @pcs_convention_adventures!

Fun fact: the name “PC’s Convention Adventures” came about because I once took a photo of a friend’s cosplay at Anime Los Angeles and she liked it and thought I should make a Facebook Page. Back then I only took hall shots at cons and didn’t think I would get serious about photography, hence I used the phrase “Convention Adventures” 🀣.

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Author: PC's Convention Adventures

Hobbyist cosplay and portrait photography enthusiast. I love watching anime and reading manga!

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