Cosplay Photography Etiquette

A guide for both photographers and cosplayers

Cosplay photographer etiquette cover image

Hi everyone! This is a short comic I drew back in 2019 to help spread awareness of do’s and don’ts for convention photography. My hope is that this will be helpful for photographers starting out in cosplay photography, and that it will also help newer cosplayers identify red flags in problematic photographers as well.

I had quite a lot of fun creating this; I hope it’s been an informative and fun read for y’all as well!

Some fun facts: I used to practice figure-drawing before picking up photography. The reason I used stick figures is two-fold: one is to avoid stereotypes for Good and Bad Photogs. With nondescript stick figures I can try to avoid associating “good” or “bad” with any particular demographic. This also keeps the focus squarely on the characters’ words and behaviors, rather than how they look.

The other reason is, well, I never really learnt how to draw faces and hands…… 😅

Many of the ideas (including the idea to make a comic) came from my cosplayer friends; thanks for your help and for proofreading this!

All Rights Reserved. Please do not use the images without permission.

Author: PC's Convention Adventures

Hobbyist cosplay and portrait photography enthusiast. I love watching anime and reading manga!

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